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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Dec 21, 2014

Hello there!
Very sorry for not update the blog for few weeks.
Currently having hard time to get on-line. T_T /(@.@)\

Anyway, this post is about a lyric for song from my favourite of course, Japan.
I'm very die-hard-fan for I've Sound group production, especially from J-Pop artist named Kawada Mami.
I like her not because of her look, but from the song that she sung.
Very energetic, so strong, and even one time make me get goosebumps!
If you want to know how strong it is, I suggest you try YouTube this song: Hishoku no Sora
I'm sure you'll love it. It's one of the best from her. :)
However, depends on your style. :/

Recently in early year, I have requesting an English translation of her song named "break a spell".
Basically, it's her latest single produced in early of this year.
This song has been used for 2nd ending for anime called "Tokyo Ravens".
Thanks (and also credited) to MakiKawaii, their team have help me to find the translation for this song.
Yay! (^_^)v

Below is part of their website which contained my requested lyric.
If you got trouble when viewing the site below, just CLICK HERE to visit the site for 100% view.

I have also subbed this video's PV.
You may check it HERE.

Thanks for visiting this post.
Please free to comments below if you feel my words is weird for you. Haha.. XD
Please also visit their website, MakiKawaii (http://makikawaii- jklyrics.blogspot.com) for their other lyrics.

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