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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Jul 24, 2014

Gladly to say thank you very much to DJogzs for this nice template. :)

Since I'm considered myself as a fan to Japan, I'm using this type of template.
I know there's too many templates that have much better quality, but I'm prefer LESS.
I'm choosing this type because low quality means fast loading time, simple codes, not much using memory, and easy to interact.
I have some knowledge on how to use Blogger, HTML, CSS, and hosting. So that's why this template is my perfect choice. :D
By the way, use Chrome is the best when you view my blog.

Um... anyway, please support them by visiting their site at http://www.djogzs.com

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  1. no wonder your blog look kinda similar with STK and Johanes~ lol~
    btw, Konnichiwa~ >u<

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      You got that right! But I really didn't intently purpose to make mine similar with them. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Haha...

      Konichiwa- (^_^)v


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