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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Mar 5, 2015

My other talent besides PV karaoke subs is editing the audio.
So far, this is the most challenging project I have made.
Software used are Sony Sound Forge (any version), Adobe Audition 3.0, and FL Studio.
Try review my project below.
Comment below if you have anything to say about my not-so powerful skill.
If you want to share, please consider to crediting my hard work project to me.
No thief please.....

*My SoundCloud have been terminated. For now, I will use my blogspot as sharing medium for my audio project.*

[Mashup 1 - Brave Blue x DAYS]

[Mashup 2 - Face Down and Mirrors]

[Mashup 3 - Hikari no Senritsu vs. Gekkouka]

[Mashup 4 - New World vs. Faint]

[Mashup 5 - true resonance vs. Jounetsu no Daishou]

[Mashup 6 - Golden Slam II?]

[Mashup 7 - Selfish vs. JOINT]

Song used:
BACK-ON - Selfish
Kawada Mami - JOINT *This mashup has been chosen and have been broadcasted LIVE on Japan's NicoVideo.jp on November 17, 2015.*
*See its recorded live at THIS LINK (time interval at 1:34:33).*
*Thank you so much to NicoVideo.jp for broadcasting my mashup! :)*

[Mashup 8 - Weird Mashup]

[Mashup 9 - borderland vs. borderland]

[Mashup 10 - Space Jam vs. 3D Cube Hopper]

[Mashup 11 - Mental Off Luck]

[Mashup 12 - Uncompleted mashup]

Song used:
Quad City DJ's - Space Jam
Unknown OTAKU song

[Mashup 13 - Roar of the Hitman]

[Mashup 14 - Sugar Sweet Nightmare vs. ZoNE-iT]

[Mashup 15 - The Time is Nobody's Hero

[Mashup 16 - Smells Like We Are One

[Mashup 17 - MAX CAPACITY vs. Hero's Come Back!!

[Mashup 18 - Is This Feeling Love vs. You Talk Too Much

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  1. - mashup 1. GOOD JOB!
    - other. dont have any interest on it '-') but still GJ

    i like first one to be honest.

    1. Thanks ya!
      Hey no problem man, I like your sincere feeling. :)


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