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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Oct 2, 2015

Who love astronomy very much?!
Recently I'm currently and really enjoying watching National Geographics's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Hoping to see that again!

All of the topic, I'm interesting in the ASTEROID topic.
Asteroid is a set of small objects inside our solar system that orbiting our sun. Since it is small, the expert calls them Planetoid.
Anyway, you already know that. :P

As beautiful as can be seen in the space, they are always be our BIG THREATS to our home, the Earth.
Many people said that asteroid is A DOOMSDAY DEVICE.
See the event that wipe out the dinosaurs. See also the craters in our earth today.
What and how do you think about it? Did you think that this frightful event will soon be repeated, anytime, maybe too soon?

You already know that our earth recently being struck with many natural disasters. (WOOO!!! Oops.. sorry, not that chant. ^^)
I know this is not logic, but I'm always thinking that the asteroid will at least hit us someday to 'formatting' our earth. To clearing our earth once more.
Anyway, hopefully it not will happen during our lives today.

As of today, based on the research, no threat is found. You may study it at HERE.
However, there was a number of objects that showing threat. Below are some of the infamous one:

(29075) 1950 DA, formerly known to impact the earth on March 16, 2880


Please correct me if this post is inaccurate. You may discuss this issue in the comment section below. Thanks.

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