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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Mar 20, 2016

As you know, currently Mediafire don't have any features on how to embed its video (as of 20th January 2015).
If you click "Share", it only offer you to embed the link.
So, I'm gonna show you on how to embed it, using Firefox.

While searching for the alternatives in the internet zone, I saw this site have tried to do the same thing, but apparently their link is broke down, or maybe have been shut down for forever.

Before we going to do this, make sure that you have Firefox browser and some knowledges about html codes so that you can able to understand this easily.

In my case, currently it's work for .mp4 files, but I don't have any idea whether it will works for other video types.
I think you should try it for yourself.

-Step 1-
Using Firefox, open the Mediafire video link. Example: http://goo.gl/3ZrD8f

-Step 2-
Right click on any GUI surface, and then click "Inspect Element (Q)" to open a set of html codes which holds the original sources of this page (see the photo below).

-Step 3-
On your first encounter, click the tab that wrote "div.mediaPlayerContainer" (see the photo below).

-Step 4-
Next, click the triangle on the line code that have been highlighted from your action in previous Step 3, and keep clicking it until you will see a line code which containing an iframe html tag (see the photo below).

-Step 5-
Copy all that line code, and paste it on any word editor (see the photo below).

-Step 6-
Add these additional codes (see the highlighted colors in the photo below).
Optional: Insert any numbers of size into height and width section to set the pixel size of the video.

-Step 7-
Copy all the line code from the notepad, and try post it into your blog.
Job done.

I'm still not able to find the solution for setting the video's autoplay function.
Let me update here if I found the solution.

Like always, I'm apologize for my bad English.
I wish it can help you much.
If it doesn't work, I'm sorry, the Mediafire may have updated its system.
Anyway, enjoy.

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