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Posted by : fivenuckles2 Jan 1, 2017

Some random YouTube videos outta nowhere...

1) Chicken Police State (featuring The Touretts Guy)

2) Incompetent Spacemen! (Moonbase Alpha)

3) Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

4) (MBB) Geli Mat

5) YAJCM: Yet Another John Cena Meme

6) Gaki No Tsukai Batsu Games Yugawara C 3PO Returns ENG SUB

7) Goose parade

8) How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages (Ultimate / Full Version)

9) Himo Himo Himo Himo

10) Slenderman (Kedah Version) ORIGINAL

11) Afraid of Technology

12) Fun With Ahmed 4

13) Epic slowmotion baby crying

14) Whacked Out Videos

15) Napalm Death- You Suffer

16) My Mother Doesn't Like What The Fox Has To Say...

17) [鳥の詩] Air Anime OP Subbed (Live-Action)

18) Scooter Accident - Super Mario Sound Effects Make Life Better

19) A dolphin on shore

20) Botchamania "SmackDown" Intro (Tri.Moon)

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  1. What happened to your Facebook page?? I was hoping to download a few more of your videos and post them to youtube! Or can you please provide a link to your videos?

    1. Our page have been deleted all together by copyright authorities.
      I hate to say that they attacked us after 6 years in the making.
      I don't know what to do next.
      For the moment, I don't have any link backup.
      I posted many videos in JpopSuki TV, but the site itself is not available.
      I think you may visit my two YouTubes.

  2. Ah, that's a shame then, that copyright authorities are so persistent. I'll be sure to visit your youtube accounts. I don't suppose you could upload your pokemon 1998-2014 video though?

    1. See? You too even don't like them. Anyway, thanks for the visit. I wish I can visit your YouTube (if you own one) so that our project are still exists anywhere in internet zone. I'm somehow able to survive few links, including the Pokemon: https://safelinking.net/mTlzw14

  3. I'll start uploading some of your videos to my channel here at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQn17eVf_FIlKpIgU_wMMJA, hopefully my channel or your videos don't get taken down. Thanks for all your work!

    1. You got nice videos there, and will guarantee to subscribe you. :) Please don't too much uploads, especially that belongs to Lantis/Sony one. I have one tips which may survive the strike; by uploading live performance/concert video. Your welcome!

  4. I got suspended for uploading something that got my channel banned lol...also I think you can get around copyright by having your own website or using websites which don't shut down your site for copyright.

    1. Told ya lol.... I hope you don't give up anything yet. Yeah, hopefully it will not attack my blog. Well anyway, I don't intended to make my blog as PV project site.

    2. Well, I learned that youtube will ban your account instantly if you have too much copyrighted material...I'm just going to upload more slowly from now on.

    3. Hey man, just want to inform you, if you still interested, visit my new PV project subbed at this link: kumasubni.blogspot.com



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